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At Arcus Rural Supplies, we’re proud to stock an extensive selection of livestock handling equipment and cattle handling equipment. We can provide a wide range of farm products specially designed to increase the output and efficiency of your farm. Our products are manufactured to the highest standards, ensuring that our clients are completely satisfied with their quality. From cattle yards and cattle crush systems through to hay feeders and more, we have you covered.

Our Range

We have no shortage of products for you to choose from. Our range of rural supplies includes:

  • Cattle – Suitable for any number of cows, our range includes portable cattle yards, loading ramps, access gates, heavy duty cattle crush options, cattle panels, sliding gates and more.
  • Sheep – Minimise the challenges of yarding and handling sheep by choosing from our range of sheep panels, sheep gates, sheep loading ramps, sheep gates and more.
  • Dogs – Suitable for companion dogs and working dogs, our range includes single dog pens, double dog pens and raised dog pens.
  • Horses – We can provide rural supplies for horses customised to your specifications, including height adjustable gates, 5 rail panels, 6 rail panels and hay rings.
  • Fencing – No farm with livestock is complete without adequate fencing, which is why we offer farm gates and picket rammers as well as star pickets and more.
  • Hay Feeders – If you need a simple and efficient means of providing feed for your cattle and horses, we can provide sheep hay cradles and bale loader trailers as well as hay feeders.

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Arcus Rural Supplies is the number one destination for quality rural supplies, including livestock handling equipment and cattle handling equipment. Browse our range or contact us today for more information and further assistance. We’ll do our best to point you in the right direction.

Our Products



It doesn’t matter if you have 5 cows or 500, the basic requirements of safely handling your livestock exist for all
such circumstances.



A well-designed sheep yard minimises the hard work of yarding and handling sheep while increasing



Be them working dogs, your best mate, or a companion dog, we love our dogs and want them to
be safe.



Whether it’s a small holding yard, a breaker yard or a round yard, we can customise to your



The backbone to every smoothly running property is appropriate and affordable fencing for your

Hay Feeders


Round and square bales are an easy way of providing feed for your cattle and horses, protecting it is essential to minimise wastage.

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